• Single, double drum and Waterfall models
  • Line pulls to 800,000lbs.
  • Line speeds to 90 fpm
  • Single Brake models to 450,000lbs.
  • Double Brake models to 900,000lbs.
  • Hagglunds Hydraulic Motors
  • Spring Set Hydraulic Release Brakes

Affordable Towing Winch Solutions for New and Existing Tugs

JonRie InterTech is dedicated to providing robust and reliable towing winch solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of both new and existing tug operations. Our extensive range includes single, double drum, and waterfall models designed for the utmost efficiency and durability. With line pulls up to 800,000 lbs. and speeds reaching 90 feet per minute.

Our models come equipped with Hagglunds hydraulic motors and spring-set hydraulic release brakes, ensuring smooth operations and immediate responsiveness in critical situations.

Whether you’re looking for a single brake model capable of handling up to 450,000 lbs. or a double brake model designed for loads up to 900,000 lbs., JonRie has the solution to fit your needs.

Towing Winch Efficiency and Safety Features

With JonRie’s towing winches, you’re equipped with the technology to tackle the demands of modern tug operations confidently.

  • Line Tension Systems
  • Independent drive level winds
  • Electro-Hydraulic Controls
  • Power Driven Level Winds
  • Auto Abort Mode
  • Pilot House Controls
  • Full Render/Full Recover System
  • Optional Electrical Vector Drive