Marine Capstans purpose-built for marine duty

JonRie InterTech specializes in marine capstans designed to offer reliable and straightforward performance in the marine environment. Engineered for essential marine duties, our capstans support a wide range of applications from tug boats and barge handling to mooring, docking, and military service.

Capable of line pulls up to 30,000 lbs. and speeds up to 60 feet per minute, these capstans are built to ensure consistent operation under various conditions. Equipped with spring-set hydraulic release brakes and hydraulic motors, JonRie capstans provide the control and durability needed for everyday marine tasks.

Additional features like transition heads and radius keeper flanges are included to accommodate different line types, enhancing usability and safety. For environments requiring extra protection against the elements, we also offer sealed electric drives with IP56 motors and brakes, ensuring your operations continue smoothly, regardless of conditions.

Practical Solutions Tailored to Marine Requirements

JonRie InterTech offers beyond capstans to include specialized solutions such as anchor windlasses, hose reels, and deck winches, all designed with an emphasis on functionality and affordability. Our control systems are engineered to address the specific needs of our clients, providing practical, no-nonsense solutions that you can rely on. This commitment to delivering reliable, budget-friendly marine equipment means you can count on JonRie for equipment that supports the day-to-day demands of marine operations without compromising on performance or value.

ModelRope SizeHead Dia.Line PullLine Speed
4165” Cir.16”10,000 LBS.30 FPM
4186” Cir.18”10,000 LBS.30 FPM
4217” Cir.21”15,000 LBS.30 FPM
4248” Cir.24”20,000 LBS.30 FPM
4269” Cir.26”25,000 LBS.30 FPM
43010” Cir.30”30,000 LBS.30 FPM