Offshore Deck Equipment: solutions for the high seas

JonRie provides a solution for offshore deck equipment, catering to the demanding needs of the offshore industry. Our approach combines extensive expertise in heavy equipment repair service and manufacturing, ensuring that your offshore operations are supported by reliable equipment.

Our goal is to be your go-to partner for all deck equipment needs, from initial design and manufacturing to ongoing maintenance and repair.

JonRie offers Heavy Equipment Repair Service and a Manufacturing Partner in the Offshore Industry

A Partnership Built on Expertise and Reliability

Our capabilities are tailored to offer support for your offshore deck equipment. Whether your project requires custom fabrication, precision engineering, or urgent repairs, our resources are at your disposal.

This commitment allows us to provide a wide range of services, ensuring that your equipment is well maintained.

Tailored Services for Offshore Operations

Understanding the unique challenges of the offshore environment, JonRie is committed to delivering solutions that meet these specific demands. Our full-service offering encompasses everything from system design and consultation to equipment testing and certification, all tailored to the rigorous conditions of offshore work.

With JonRie, you have access to a team that is ready to support your operations with quality, efficiency, and reliability, and affordability at the forefront of everything we do.