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Trusted by the military and essential to the workboat and dredging industries, JonRie InterTech delivers reliability in marine winch systems and other vital marine equipment. Contact us to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently!

Trusted by Marine Professionals

From global military forces to local workboat operators, our clients reflect the versatility and reliability of JonRie InterTech’s marine solutions. See how our commitment to excellence in service and quality resonates across different sectors.

Practical Engineering that meets marine industry demands

JonRie InterTech’s marine winches and deck equipment are engineered for the hands-on professional. We provide solutions that work as hard as you do, ensuring consistent performance in coastal and offshore operations.

With JonRie, you gain a partner who is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on quality or performance, making us the practical choice for your marine engineering needs.

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JonRie InterTech provides an extensive selection of marine handling equipment, from high-performance ship assist and escort winches to towing and marine capstans, all engineered for safety and efficiency. Our durable marine cranes, custom HPU and control systems, and tailored dredge systems meet the rigorous demands of the marine, dredging, and military sectors. For offshore deck operations, we offer reliable equipment with top-tier repair and responsive manufacturing support.

Jonrie your dependable partner in the marine industry

JonRie’s reliable and cost-effective products are designed with your needs in mind. Our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction ensures every product and service we offer meets your expectations. With JonRie you can navigate the complexities of the marine environment with no-nonsense, affordable solutions. Partner with us and experience the JonRie difference today.

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Markey Machine Announces Expansion with Acquisition of JonRie InterTech
Markey Machine Announces Expansion with Acquisition of JonRie InterTech

Joining Forces with Markey Machine

JonRie InterTech is pleased to announce our integration into the Markey Machine family, a partnership that has enriched our legacy with enhanced capabilities and an expanded suite of products. This strategic move has already begun to deliver significant benefits to our valued clients, including access to Markey’s cutting-edge winch systems and a broader range of technical resources.

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